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Drinks 20 should be seen as Gothenburg Arens own Swedish garden lounge.

The difference from an ordinary garden is that this one is full of quality cocktails, wines and beers.

The atmosphere in the garden must be experienced to fully understand. In summer, Drinks 20:01 big terrace of nearly 90 seats, and in the winter you can sit down in a comfortable and intimate setting indoors.

Welcome to a unique bar under us at the bar in 20 Drinks fill many holes in today's variety of bars in Gothenburg.

Drinks 20 is open daily 17:00 to 1:00.

(Prices are subject to change at festivals, etc.)​

Bar menu

Meats & ostbräda Hel: 355: - / Half 245: -

Cured meats and cheeses from Swedish farms,

dairies and smokehouses. Sörmlands precious, Almnäs basket stored, smoked reindeer sausage and wild boar pastrami.

Roe 150: -

Roe / potato cake flavored with Brännvinsost / Smetana / pickled red onion

Shrimp sandwich 195: -

Shrimp / rye / mayonnaise / egg / onion / roe​


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Open Monday - Sunday from 17:00

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